The cheaper, easier, simpler alternative to air source heat pumps.  Installed in your home in just 2 days.

The next evolution
in green heating

The Thermo-Pod is highly efficient “heat battery” which replaces the need for traditional oil and gas boilers by storing off-peak green electricity. The system converts this to heat on demand – giving you heat and hot water at off-peak prices any time of day.

The largest scale battery in the domestic heating market it is capable of heating and providing hot water around any size home.

Unlike other green heating solutions such as air or ground source heat pumps there is no need to upgrade your property’s insulation, retrofit pipework or change your heating system.

The Thermo-Pod system can use electricity supply from your existing supplier as well as solar panels.

The unit is made from a mix of natural and recycled materials, is non-toxic and is 100% recyclable. It is designed and made in the UK.

How it works

Thermo-Pod is a heat battery – the solid core is heated by electrical elements that are similar to those used in your oven or kettle. Heat is then discharged via a heat exchanger to produce hot water.

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Less upfront cost and lower lifetime heating costs than air source pumps.

Thermo-Pod is considerably easier and cheaper to install than air-source heat pumps, saving you the disruption and cost of upgrading your glazing, additional insulation and investment in under-floor heating.

*Based on average prices of retrofit building costs required for air source pumps to work efficiently in your home

Thermo-Pod takes the work out of being green

Low to Zero Carbon

Energy efficient

Compatible with
solar power

Easy installation

Simple maintenance


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